About Selous Wilderness Camp

About Selous Wilderness Camp

Mikumi Wildlife Camp is a cozy and intimate place. You will find time for reflection, relaxation, action as well as education. The Camp is located next to a waterhole, overlooking the vast plains of Mikumi National Park. The wildlife on the African savannah, close to the lodge, is abundant and easy to spot from the restaurant. The waterhole tends to get rather busy during the dry season; zebra’s, elephants, impala’s and buffalo’s are regular visitors.

While staying at the camp, we try to ensure that you become part of the wilderness of the Mikumi National Park and you will enjoy the freedom of the untamed terrain and the electrifying roar of a lion. The Camp provides guests with tranquil lounging and dining areas, authentic rooms which offer spacious and unexpected refined accommodation. The rooms are designed to mirror the natural surroundings; it allows views and sounds of the waterhole from the private terrace of each room.

The Camp offers a variety of safaris and excursions such as game drives and walking safaris, all in a natural idyllic landscape and for you to experience the untouched wilderness. Being the oldest camp in the National Park, Mikumi Wildlife Camp, with its longstanding and excellent reputation, is strategically located next to the main gate of the park. The camp is therefore the ideal base to start early morning game drives.

Thanks to the renovation that the camp went through a couple of years ago, the place offers a truly unknown ‘Africa Experience’. The 12 spacious rooms are spread out on the property of the Camp, all overlooking the savannah where the park is famous for. Because the Camp is inside the national park, the wildlife is never far away. Big herds of impala and buffalo are roaming around in between the rooms and on a regular base you might be able to see elephants from your veranda. Occasionally, lions and leopards visit the camp during the night, but thanks to the maasai watchmen there is nothing to be afraid of.

About us

About us


Mikumi Wildlife Camp

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