Booking conditions

Booking conditions



A. Standard Bookings

A1. Bookings can be made by email to:, or by sending a voucher to the reservation office in Arusha.

A2. By making a reservation the tour operator indicates full acceptance of these terms and conditions.

A3. All bookings must be accompanied by a deposit payment of 35% of the total amount (except when the booking agent has a credit account – see below).

A4. If the deposit is not received by Mikumi Wildlife Camp within the given term, the reservation will be automatically deleted from our system.

A5. The remaining balance of payment should be made by the tour operator at least 30 days before arrival of the guests.

A6. All bookings must include the following information:

* Number of adults / children (with ages for children)

* Room type : single / double / twin / triple / family (adjoining rooms)

* Meal plan : BB / HB / FB / FB lunchbox + order of the meals

* Estimated arrival time

* Method of payment & payment details

* Voucher number (if applicable)

* Name of booking officer

* Special requirements (such as vegetarian etc.)

A7. If a booking is received without adequate information, the booking will not be confirmed until the full information is provided.

A8. Upon check in at the lodge the clients (or driver/guide) must produce the service voucher provided by Moivaro.

B. Cancellation Policy

B1. If for any reason a booking is cancelled or ammended to a lesser number of rooms or pax, a cancellation fee becomes payable by the tour operator

according to the following schedule :

Between 21 and 14 days of arrival 35%

Between 14 and 7 days of arrival 50%

Between 7 and 2 days of arrival 75%

Less than 1 days ( including no-show) 100%

B2. Time periods are measured from 18.00hrs on the arrival day of the guests

B3. Cancellations are only accepted if notification comes in writing.

C. Payment

C1. All prices are quoted in USD$ and all payments must be made in USD$, unless otherwise agreed upon.

C2. Other currencies can only be used at Moivaro’s discretion and to the hotels current exchange rates.

C3. All prices include VAT and other applicable taxes and fees.

C4. Please find the bank and payment details per hotel at the end of this document.

C5. Please note that all bank transfer charges are NOT for Selous Wilderness Camp.

C6. After making the payment we kindly request you send an email to with full payment details, including sum of payment & RS number.

This will help us to process your payment faster, as Tanzanian bank statements do not show anything other than a transferred amount without any further details.

D. Credit Accounts

D1. Tour operators who wish to have a credit account with Moivaro should apply in writing to the manager:

D2. Once a credit account has been established, payment will be by monthly account.

The total of all invoices of that month will be due for payment on 15th of the following month.

D3. Late payment will be charged at 10% per month. The whole 10% becomes operational at the date the payment becomes overdue each month.

D4. The credit facility will expire after 1 year. Renewal will be done upon request.

E. Block Bookings

E1. Tour operators who wish to make block bookings should contact the marketing department in advance to discuss requirements.

E2. The number of rooms available for block bookings is restricted, therefore requests may be refused even though the hotel is not full.

This is to retain the intimate atmosphere of the hotel and to protect small groups from being overwhelmed by big tour groups

E3. Room allocations must be confirmed at least 45 days in advance of the scheduled arrival date. After that the booking may be automatically deleted by Moivaro.

E4. After confirmation the allocated rooms are treated as normal confirmed bookings, and are therefore subject to the usual cancellation fees.

E5. Provisional bookings will be held subject to availability and at the discretion of Mikumi Wildlife Camp. Mikumi Wildlife Camp has the right to charge cancellation fees

against provisional bookings not cancelled or amended as per cancellation policy (see above).

F. Tour Leader Rate

F1. After 15 paying clients, the tour leader (or other person chosen by the tour operator) gets a complimentary accommodation as per booked meal plan.

The complimentary accommodation must be requested at time of booking, and is subject to availability.

F2. This complimentary accomodation does not include WMA, government taxes or village fees. This still has to be payed.

G. Residents

G1. East African Residents rates are equal to the normal STO rates.

G2. To apply for resident rates, the clients must provide (a copy of) their passport or residents permit upon arrival at the lodge.

H. Special requests and discounts

H1. Special requests about fam. trips, discounts or other exceptions can be done by sending an email to:

I. Liability and disputes

I1. Selous Wilderness Camp Ltd does not and will not accept any responsibility for any accident or incident of any nature involving clients/guests and or staff who are

at any of the properties or whilst traveling to or from any properties or partaking in any activity, arranged by, associated with or owned by Moivaro.

I2. Any disagreement about a reservation or payment, or complaints about the quality or service should be made in writing to Moivaro within 7 days.

If not the dispute will be considered as overdue, and no compromise can or will be made to outstanding monies.

I3. In the case of a dispute on an invoice, only the amount under dispute may be withheld from prompt payment.

I4. In case of unpaid invoices the agent is responsible for payment of all costs incurrered in the collections including legal fees.

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